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 Associate's Degree (Short Cycle)

 Bachelor’s Degree (First Cycle)

 Master’s Degree (Second Cycle)

  Programme Information
About the Programme : The Field Crops Department maintains education,training and research possibilities in industrial crops,cereals,forage crops,pasture and edible legume. In Field Crops Department there are total of 18 academic members,consisting of 11 professors, 2 associate professors and 1 assistant professors as well as 4 research assistants.The main aim of the education and training subprogram is to provide students with the currents information about field crops plantation and breeding.Research in the Department is concerned with general agronomical, physiological, ecological, biochemical, biotechnical, and genetic aspects of these crops, as well as with more advanced crop-rotation systems suitable for the region.The Department also participates in farmer-training programs, seminars and demonstrations in the field.The Department has 25 hectares of bottom land which is used for education training and research purposes. In addition to this,several laboratories such as plant analysis,cytology,biotechnology,seed and fiber technology laboratories exist in the department Our department also collaborates with international and national agencies such as CIMMYT, ICARDA, CIEAM, VOLKANI CENTER, FAO, Hohenheim University in Germany and Hebrew University in Israel.The Department also has conservation unit for genetic resources.  

Qualification Awarded : The students who have successfully accomplished this program gain the bachelor’s degree of Field Crops. 

Level of Qualification : First Cycle (Bachelor’s Degree) 

Specific Admission Requirements : Placement through a centralized national university placement examination (ÖSYS). Student Selection and Placement Centre (ÖSYM) is responsible to place students according to their ÖSYS scores. 
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Specific Arrangements for Recognition of Prior Learning : In Turkish Higher Education Institutions, the acknowledgment of the Bachelor´s diploma for a university is organized with the regulations related to double majors and subspeciality and the transition between Associate Degree programs and undergraduate program. This regulation also allows credit transfer between related institutions. 
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Qualification Requirements and Regulations : To be successful in this program, students are required to successfully complete all the courses to meet a minimum of 240 ECTS credit requirement and have a minimum of GPA of 2.00/4.00. 

Profile of the Programme : Field Crops Department not only aims to give undergraduate lectures and have their students do thesis studies theoretically but also targets to do practical production studies. Especially, doing experimental researches on the subject of field crops which can be grown in certain climates and soil conditions of the region and agronomic techniques of these crops, leading in transferring the knowledge to producers derived from these researches, increasing production thanks to improved high-yielding and high-quality cultivars are among the primary goals of the department´s mission.In an environment of research, application of findings and the combination of techniques, with original job mentality on subjects such as continuous learning on plant growth, plant breeding, and serving the community, generally, in agriculture specifially, environmental friendly engineers who are ready to use the knowledge they learn in real life situations for the 21st century needs are educated. 

Key Learning Outcomes : Please click here for Key Learning Outcomes.

Occupational Profile of Graduates : Graduates of the Department of Field Crops have the opportunity to work at the central and local agencies of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, at Agricultural Research Institutes, at the central and local agencies of the state water supply administration, at The Bank of Agriculture (State Bank supporting agriculture) and at agricultural credit cooperatives and also at the sugar, flour, feed and oil factories, and they mainly work for seed companies, pesticide dealers and greenhouses. 

Access to Further Studies : The graduates of this program are eligible to apply for admission to graduate studies in same field or related areas if they pass the evaluation process designated according to the regulations of “Çukurova University Graduate Education and Examination Committee”, which includes ALES, general point of average, and the interview. 

Course Structure Diagram with Credits : Please click here for Course Structure Diagram with Credits.

Assessment and Grading : In this program, assessment and grading are conducted according to Cukurova University Education and Assessment regulations for Associate and Undergraduate degrees. 
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Graduation Requirements : To be able to finish undergraduate degree, students must complete all courses, applications and workshops that are included in the program, gain two hundred and forty (240) ECTS credit requirements in total in undergraduate level and obtain a minimum GPA of 2.00/4.00. 

Mode of Study : This programme is a Full Time programme.  

Programme Director : Prof. Dr. HALİS ARIOĞLU  

Course-Programme Key Learning Outcomes Matrix : Please click here for Course-Programme Key Learning Outcomes Matrix.