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About the Programme : Communication Studies Department has three sub departments as: Media Studies, Society and Communication, Intercultural Communication. Students of the Department of Communication Studies will have a unique point of view for solving the problems of social communication for social interest, providing an ideal interdisciplinary, critical and theoretical knowledge with the means of the appropriate communication medium. Communication Studies degree serves in an enlarged field of Communication and Media Studies. Communication Faculties in Turkey, which are usually structured according to communication tools and media departments (Radio-TV-Film, Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations, etc.) all, have their academic infrastructure in the field of Communication Studies. Sociology, Political Science, Anthropology, History, Art, Philosophy and Linguistics are the main supportive areas. Universal values of ideas and freedom of expression make the education of Communication Studies inevitable for a better understanding of social communication in a mediated world. 

Qualification Awarded : The students who have successfully accomplished this program get the bachelor’s degree of Communication Studies. 

Level of Qualification : First Cycle (Bachelor’s Degree)  

Specific Admission Requirements : Placement through a centralized national university placement examination (ÖSYS). Student Selection and Placement Centre (ÖSYM) is responsible to place students according to their ÖSYS scores.  
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Specific Arrangements for Recognition of Prior Learning : In Turkish Higher Education Institutions, the acknowledgment of the Bachelor´s diploma for a university is organized with the regulations related to double majors and subspeciality and the transition between Associate Degree programs and undergraduate program. This regulation also allows credit transfer between related institutions.  
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Qualification Requirements and Regulations : To be able to graduate from this department,it is required to get 2.00 out of 4.00 and be successful at every subject. 

Profile of the Programme : Communication Studies as an academic area in Social Sciences deals with theoretical and practical learning of social communication from daily lives to social relations and to mass media and it tries to explain them interdisciplinary and critically. It analyses the background and mentality of the communication platform in this broad field. The growing importance of communication today leads to the recognition of training effective communicators as an area of expertise in the world. Communication Studies programme is not only a popular field for students who aim to become communication experts but also a programme to fulfil the growing demand for an accurate, valid and fair communication in societies. Important notice: Communication Studies Department of Communication Faculty, Çukurova University has launched the Bachelor´s degree programme in 2012-2013 fall semesters. Accordingly, the third and fourth year courses appearing on this programme will be activated in the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 Academic years respectively. 

Key Learning Outcomes : Please click here for Key Learning Outcomes.

Occupational Profile of Graduates : Graduate students step into professional areas of all public and private sectors as Communication Experts not only in new areas such as: political campaigns, health communications, conflict resolution, management of negotiation, but also will get the skills for being an actual communicator in areas such as digital journalism, script writing, moderatorship, etc. 

Access to Further Studies : The graduates of this program are eligible to apply for admission to graduate studies in their own area or related area if they pass the evaluation process designated according to the regulations of “Çukurova University Graduate Education and Examination Committee”, which includes ALES, general point of average, and the interview.  

Course Structure Diagram with Credits : Please click here for Course Structure Diagram with Credits.

Assessment and Grading : In this program, the exams and evaluations are conducted according to ´undergraduate and associate degree teaching-training and exam regulations of Cukurova University´. 
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Graduation Requirements : To be able to finish undergraduate degree, students must complete all courses, applications and workshops that are included in the program, get two hundred and forty (240) ECTS credit requirements in total in undergraduate level and obtain a minimum GPA of 2.00/4.00. 

Mode of Study : This programme is a Full Time programme.  

Programme Director : Prof. Dr. NURÇAY TÜRKOĞLU 

Course-Programme Key Learning Outcomes Matrix : Please click here for Course-Programme Key Learning Outcomes Matrix.