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 Associate's Degree (Short Cycle)

 Bachelor’s Degree (First Cycle)

 Master’s Degree (Second Cycle)

  Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences
      Agricultural Economics
      Agricultural Machines
      Agricultural Structures and Irrigation
      Animal Husbandary
      Civil Engineering
      Computer Engineering
      Electrical and Electronics Engineering
      Engineering and Technology Management (Masters without Thesis)
      Environmental Engineering
      Field Crops
      Fisheries Basic Science
      Food Engineering
      Geological Engineering
      Horticulture Crops
      Industrial Engineering
      Landscape Architecture
      Mechanical Engineering
      Mining Engineering
      Plant Protection
      Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems
      Seafood Aquaculture
      Seafood Processing Technology
      Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
      Textile Engineering
  Institute of Health Sciences
      Forensic Medicine
      Health Physics (Master Program without thesis)
      Health Physics (Master Program with thesis)
      Histology & Embryology
      Medical Biochemistry
      Medical Biology
      Medical Microbiology
      Pediatric Hematology
      Pediatric Oncology
      Physical Education and Sports
      Public Health
  Institute of Social Science
      Accounting (Masters without Thesis-Evening Programme)
      Art Education
      Banking and Stock Exchange (Masters without Thesis-Evening Programme)
      Basic Islamic Studies
      Business Management (Masters without Thesis)
      Business Management
      Business Management (Masters without Thesis-Evening Program)
      Computer Education and Instructional Technology
      Curriculum and Instruction, and Psychological Counseling and Guidance in Educational Sciences
      Elementary Education
      E-MBA (Management and Organization)
      E-MBA Accounting
      E-MBA Banking and Finance
      E-MBA Business Administration
      E-MBA Business and Technology Management
      E-MBA Marketing
      English Language Teaching
      Foreign Trade and Exchange
      French Language Teaching
      German Language Teaching
      Interior Architecture
      International Relations
      Islamic History and Arts
      Management and Organization
      Management and Organization (Masters without Thesis-Evening Programme)
      Marketing (Masters without Thesis)
      Performing Arts
      Philosophy and Religious Studies
      Philosophy Group Education
      Preschool Education
      Primary Education
      Turkish Language and Literature