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Visa/ Passport/ Insurance

Exchange students should take a valid student visa.from the nearest Turkish Consulate before coming to Turkey. Visas can not be obtained after entry to Turkey and Tourist visas are not valid. Student visa is required upon registration. Students are recommended to start the visa process two months before the start of the period.

Students must pay attention that their passport exposure time should be longer than the duration of stay in the country.

International students and staff before coming to Turkey are strongly recommended to take out health insurance which is valid in Turkey.

Residence Permit

All students have a month long stay in Turkey are required to have a residence permit. This procedure is applied to all students coming with or without a student visa. For this process, after 15 days of arriving in Turkey, they must apply foreigners’ branch at Adana Security Directorate.


Turkey's currency is the Turkish Lira (TL). Approximately, one Euro is 2.500 TL and one Dolar is 1.900 TL.


Turkey is a country located in the geography of the Mediterranean. Adana is a city in the south of Turkey bordering the Mediterranean. The summers are hot and moist and winters are rainy and warm in Adana.

Transportation to Adana

Adana is the fifth biggest city of Turkey. It has an International airport ( Şakirpaşa Airport). Direct flights from Adana ny other cities and countries are available. It is also possible to come to Adana by buses from plenty of cities in Turkey. Transportation to Adana by train is also possible from the capital, Ankara.

Transportation to University

The university campus is located near the city center. Taxi fare from the airport to the university is for about 45-50 TL (20-25 Euros). Direct public transportation from the airport to the university is also available. Students need “kentkart” or bus tickets for direct public transportation.


Erasmus Students can benefit from guest houses located on the university campus. Each furnished room is with separate kitchen, bathroom and internet connection.

Accommodation Fee (monthly)

Single person single room: 400TL (160 Euros)
Single room double occupancy: 500TL (200 Euros)

Bank and post office services:

Students who wish to exchange Turkish Lira could use exchange offices at the airport or in the city center. Apart from that, for monetary transactions, students could also use banks and post office located at the University. Banks and the post office on campus are only open on weekdays (Monday-Friday from 9 in the morning up to 5 in the evening). ATMs are also available on campus for monetary transactions.

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