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  Student Associations

Çukurova University provides significant opportunities for the students' personal and professional development via student clubs. Study rooms are available in the student clubs within the building of the Cultural Arts Center, and students can develop their creativity through different club activities.

There are 32 Student Associations established in accordance with students’ interests and needs. Demands for establishing new associations have been increasing and needed actions have been taken to meet these demands. Our student clubs mainly serve to socialize students by providing them with activities they can get involved in their leisure time.

 Ataturkist Ideology Club

 Riding Club

 Data Processing Club

 Bicycle Club

 Bridge Club

 Gymnastics Club

 Mountaineering Club

 Dynamic ideas Club

 Nature and Environment Club

 Dance Club

 Science Club

 Finance Club

 Photography Club

 Entrepreneurship Club

 Aviation Club

 Economics Club


  Humanities and Social Club

  Business Club

  Culture and Literature Club

  Fashion and Textile Club

  Moot and Communication Club

  Plastic Arts Club

  Psychology Club

  Popular Music Club

  Chess Club

  Cinema Club

  Synergy Club

  Water Sports Club

  Publication Club

  Theatre Club

  Social Volunteers Club

  International University Youth Club

Career Planning and Application Center

As of 2011, under the aegis of our university, "Çukurova Career Planning and Application Center" has been established to increase sharing and improve opportunities of communication based on career life. This centre, as a career consultant, advises both candidate and graduate students in selection of their future career.

Academic Consultancy

For each student studying at our university, a faculty member is assigned to provide academic and social counseling during the training period. Individual monitoring and supporting for underachieving students is carried out by the coordinators and faculty members in advisory roles.

Student Representation

In each programme, a student representative elected once every two years is available. These students selected from the representatives of the faculty and college represent the "University Student Council". Student representative election is announced one week prior to the election. The election is conducted under the supervision of the coordinators with the participation of all students in the day and time announced in advance. Student representatives may participate in some of the managerial boards. More detailed information can be reached from “Çukurova University Student Council Directions”.