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Students in our university are encouraged to support the development of their careers through participating in various international exchange programmes. Students and faculty exchange programmes with national and international affairs are carried out in accordance with regulations adopted by Çukurova University and defined by the Council of Higher Education.

Erasmus Programme

The international exchange programmes are supported by the European Commission Erasmus Student Exchange Programme. Related to the International Exchange "Cukurova University, the European Union Education and Youth Programmes (Lifelong Learning Programme-LLP) / Lifelong Learning Programme Erasmus Exchange" guideline are available. External Relations Unit is dealing with the Erasmus Programme ( For general information about the Erasmus Programme in our university, please click.

Cukurova University signed Erasmus University Charter in 2003. From this date, our university in collaboration with the universities of Europe, have signed bilateral agreements with 351 universities from 23 European countries. The list of agreements made with universities under the Erasmus exchange programme can be reached from the website. Our university has sent more than 2000 students to European countries for the purpose of education and training by this time. Çukurova University has been hosted about 500 Erasmus students.

Erasmus Office

Prof. Dr. Harun Arıkan
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tufan Eroldoğan
Assist. Prof. Dr. Rana Yıldırım
Tel/Fax: 0 90-322-3386411

Mevlana Programme

Other international exchange programme initiated by the Higher Education Council of Turkey is Mevlana Exchange Programme. Agreements in the framework of Mevlana Exchange Programme started its operations in 2013 and as of today agreements with five universities from 4 countries outside the European Union countries have been signed. Mevlana Exchange Programme enables the students and academic staff, from the period of 2013-2014, to benefit from the training in European Universities as well as in other universities all over the world.

Mevlana Exchange Office

Prof.Dr. Hüseyin Erten
Çukurova University Rectorship 01330 Balcalı, Sarıçam / ADANA
Tel: 0 90- 322 338 76 19/2019
Fax: 0 90-322 338 72 89

International Students (Foreign Students)

Foreign Students Office was established in our University within the scope of the President's Office to help the undergraduate and post-graduate students in 2011. The office provides consulting services for the solution of foreign student problems on carrying out operations and business, education and training studying at the University of Çukurova. At our University, we have foreign students from 53 countries especially Iran, Syria and Azerbaijan.

International Students Office

Prof. Dr. Alhan Sarıyev
Assist. Prof. Dr. Rana Yıldırım
Çukurova University Rectorship 01330 Balcalı, Sarıçam / ADANA
Tel/Fax. 0 90-322-338 72 89

International Bilateral Agreements

Except for these exchange programmes, our university has also bilateral agreements with different universities and institutions including students and staff Exchange for joint research and educational purposes. For detail information you can contact with International Office.

International Relations Office

Prof. Dr. Harun Arıkan
Tel/Fax: 0 90 – 322 3386411