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Although Adana is the fifth largest province of Turkey, the cost of living in Adana is low compared to other metropolitan municipalities in the country. Transportation, accommodation, and food alternatives are various and cheap as well. A student in Adana is estimated to spend 250-300 Euros a month.

It is easy to get to Adana from many cities of Turkey by coach and train. The coach companies provide transportation to the city center from the main bus terminal, which takes 15 minutes. From the campus or the city center, the airport is 15-20 minutes away and costs 20-25 Euros by taxi.

Transportation to the campus from the city center takes 20-30 minutes by public-transportation. It costs about 0.70 Euros by a Kentkart, which is a special card to use for public buses, for students to get to the university. Adana Transit Corporation buses, company buses, or dolmuş run every two minutes from the campus.