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 Associate's Degree (Short Cycle)

 Bachelor’s Degree (First Cycle)

 Master’s Degree (Second Cycle)

Theoretical  Possess advanced level of theoretical and applicable knowledge in the field of Probability and Statistics.
 Possess information, skills and competencies necessary to pursue a PhD degree in the field of Statistics.
 Possess comprehensive information on the analysis and modeling methods used in Statistics.
 Present the methods used in analysis and modeling in the field of Statistics.
Applied  Conduct scientific research on Mathematics, Probability and Statistics.
Conceptual/Cognitive  Discuss the problems in the field of Statistics.
Applied  Implement innovative methods for resolving problems in the field of Statistics.
 Develop analytical modeling and experimental research designs to implement solutions.
 Gather data in order to complete a research.
  Personal and Professional Qualifications
Competence to Work Independently and Take Responsibility  Develop approaches for solving complex problems by taking responsibility.
 Take responsibility with self-confidence.
Learning Competency  Have the awareness of new and emerging applications in the profession
 Update his/her knowledge and skills in statistics and related fields continously
Communication and Social Competence  Communicate effectively in oral and written form both in Turkish and English.
 Present the results of their studies at national and international environments clearly in oral or written form.
Field-Specific and Professional Competence  Oversee the scientific and ethical values during data collection, analysis, interpretation and announcment of the findings.
 Use hardware and software required for statistical applications.