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 Associate's Degree (Short Cycle)

 Bachelor’s Degree (First Cycle)

 Master’s Degree (Second Cycle)

Theoretical  Aquires sufficient knowledge to enable one to do research over and above the undergraduate level
 Learns theoretical foundations of his/her field thoroughly
Applied  Uses the knowledge in his/her field to solve mathematical problems
Conceptual/Cognitive   Proves basic theorems in different areas of Mathematics
 Creates a model for the problems in his/her field and expresses the relationship between objects in a simple and comprehensive way.
Applied   Uses technical tools in his/her field
  Personal and Professional Qualifications
Competence to Work Independently and Take Responsibility   Works independently in his/her field requiring expertise
 Works with other colleagues collaboratelly, takes responsibilities if necessary during the research process
Learning Competency   Argues and analyzes knowledge in his/her field and applies them in other fields if necessary
Communication and Social Competence  Has sufficient knowledge to follow literature in his/her field and communicate with stakeholders
  Uses the language and technology to develop knowledge in his/her field and shares these with stakeholders systematically when necessary
Field-Specific and Professional Competence  Knows and abides by the ethical rules in analyzing, solving problems and publishing results