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Bologna Process is a course of action which was started in order to create a common European Higher Education Area (EHEA) in Europe. The process took off with the “Bologna Declaration” which was released in 1999. The aim of the Bologna Process is to create an “EHEA” which is open, transparent and consistent within itself, mutually comprehensive, complementary, and highly competitive and covers all EU members and candidate states. Naturally, this aim brings the need for significant reforms in line with the requirements of each country. The Bologna Process, has a constantly evolving feature, and is dynamic in nature. Provided that it is compatible with national conditions and cultures of the countries, it is planned that this process substantiates through sharing European-based common experiences, cooperating in order to achieve common goals, and making use of each other's experiences.

This action named as the Bologna Process, is not a new system put into action, but is a reform movement which aims to bring together the existing systems within a common goal.

The Bologna Process aims for;

• The implementation of an easy, clear, understandable and comparable degree system,
• The creation of a common credit system among universities (European Credit Transfer System – ECTS),
• The removement of obstacles in student and staff movement among universities,
• The involvement of students in higher education,
• The implementation of a three-degree system including bachelors, masters, and doctorate,
• The encouragement in giving common diplomas among higher education programs,
• The creation of a European dimension, and compliance with quality standards,
• The accommodation of a European dimension in higher education.

The Bologna Process is a deviant process which is carried out by 47 member states in cooperation with many international organizations. The process is a formation in which each country attains with its own will and where they have the right to accept or reject the predicted aims of the process. Turkey was included in the Bologna Process in 2011. Detailed information about the Bologna Process can be reached through