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Adana province is the biggest province of Mediterranean Region and the fifth most populous province of Turkey with a population of 2.200.000. With a history dating back to B.C.6000, Adana is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia. The city has been the cradle of numerous historical places and unique cultural features of many civilizations from ancient times to modern days. There are a lot of mosques, prayer rooms, churches, castles, Muslim religious schools, caravanserai, Turkish baths, and bridges among the historical buildings and places reflecting the cultural wealth of Adana.

Adana is situated in the heart of fertile land called Çukurova fed by the life-giving waters of the Seyhan River and the Ceyhan River. The fertile land of Adana allows to produce cotton, wheat, sunflowers, olives, pomegranate, corn, citrus, potatoes, peppers, lettuce, onions, soy, peanuts, watermelons, melons. Besides stock farming, the districts of Adana, Yumurtalık and Karataş are also important for fishing and seafood industry. The Çukurova delta shelters many endangered species and birds with Akyatan, Yumurtalık, Ağyatan and Tuzla lagoons.

The industry in Adana has been based on agriculture for long years, which now has changed and become a center for energy with Baku-Tbilisi Ceyhan Pipeline (BTC) and power plants thanks to the investments of late years.

As a center for art and culture, Adana hosts many festivals and events such as International Golden Ball Film Festival, International Sabancı Theatre Festival, International Airgame Fest, Adana Orange Blossom Festival, and International Disabled Youth Festival. the first theatre in Adana is Adana Town Theatre under Adana Metropolitan Municipality, which was founded in 1880 by governor Ziya Paşa. Adana State Theatre opened its stage in 1981 and since then has been performing regularly from October to May for art lovers. Çukurova State Symphony Orchestra performed its first concert in 1992 and since then, the orchestra is performing twice a week from October to May at the Metropolitan Theater Hall.

With its striking geographical features, Adana is ideal for nature sports and cycling. The Seyhan Dam Lake is attractive for surfing, water sports and fishing. There are several routes that thrill mountain climbers, riders and trekkers on the plateaus. Göksu River with its high flowing white waters and curvy course of, which is an exciting challenge for rafting enthusiasts, is in Feke district, 121 km away from Adana province.

The plateaus located on the meeting point of Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean coast (Tekir, Bürücek, Aladağlar, Horzum, Fındıklı, Hamidiye, Asar, Asmacık, Armutluk, Belemedik, Meydan, Çamlıyayla and Kızıldağ) are very important in terms of the culture of plateaus while the towns on the coast of Mediterranean are the home for sea tourism.

Adana also provides health service for not only the province but also many cities around. The health tourism has been growing significantly thanks to investments in health sector. Today, many patients from abroad also prefer the hospitals in Adana.

Local transport in Adana is provided by Adana Metro, a rail rapid transit system, Adana Transit Corporation (a division of the Metropolitan Municipality) and by dolmuş (mini-bus) and bus co-operatives while train and coach services are the forms of public transportation that connect Adana to outside. Adana Airport is the seventh busiest in total traffic in Turkey with both domestic and international flights.

Since Adana is influenced by various cultures, the cuisine is rich with spicy, sour and fatty dishes made of meat (usually lamb) and bulghur.